Ngegas in Once Breath

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 19, 2011Ngegas in Once Breath

drag motor bike AKA Karapan Motor (in Bahasa Indonesi) back orders yet. Automatic class participants continued to swell! Day Battle KYT Drag Bike Championship 201M (DBKDB201MC) 2010 in the Circuit PRJ, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta (18.04), from 380 starters, 100 automatic starter who joined the class.

Hectic with automatic class, organizers had predicted. He said, three years ago the organizers visit abroad. There automatic milling. "Proven automatic class began to welcome in Indonesia," I Helmy Sungkar, owner Trendypromo Mandira, DBKDB210MC promoter in question.

More than 40 starters involved in the class. This class is still quite reasonable to achieve the mechanics. Part racing on the market can still be relied upon to spec automatic 200 cc. Tunner-crank without having to import the special case of certain countries in order to achieve 350 cc.
Drag matic easy bother! "How to take her differences with the acceleration of tooth wear.Matik, must be from low rpm, "said Amir Ceria which champions in class 4-matic No s / d 350 cc.

According to the racer who print time was 7.771 seconds, never open the gas is too high.Faster motor screaming. Before you touch the finish line, the machine runs out of breath."It's different if sorted," said the racer who also won in class 4-matic No s / d 200 cc's.Kangtaw ya!

Skubek outsmart who have very deep breath to finish it, Tunner must turn the brain with the tooth ratio. "If only the roller does not influence much. Especially if you play in the class 200 cc and above. Just helping lap down, "said Rio Teguh, speed off-road racer that again overdo this automatic drag.

Agree with the opinion of Rio, Arif Mutaqin also relies on the ratio. But to find the right ratio, not as easy as you think."Moreover, who had one chance dibalap duel. One little, eliminated, "said Tunner RFT Riftech YSS team that brought M Hambali podium in class 4-matic No s / d 155 cc.

Counts weight with the engine power to be a reference to choose gear ratio. "With a 312 cc engine, while the allowance for wear ratio of 18/39. New final wear 19/38. Apparently a record time more sharply. Motor, so quickly shouted at a distance of 150 meters, "I Nyonk of Nyonk Motor mechanic Amir in class 4-matic No s / d 350 cc's.